The new LNAK website is live!

Thank-you to Latvia’s Society Integration Fund for their financial support of this project, which allowed us to revamp the LNAK website with a modern design, a new contemporary logo and new information sections.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the project, with special thanks to Arni Miķelsons of the Northern Village website development company in Guelph, Anna Eihenbauma and Chris di Lauro of the Assorted Studio design firm, project assistants Mirdza Avens and Ilze Maksiņa, and Jānis Ivsiņš, who worked with the LNAK executive committee’s logo committee. Thank-you to the Latvian newspaper Latvia Amerikā for their support in publishing articles about the project as it proceeded from conception to completion. And thank-you to everyone who was willing to be a guineau pig, testing the new forms and helping us identify what improvements needed to be made.

The new site contains all the information that was in the old site: information about LNAK including the Educational and Cultural Fund and our archive project KLAM, LNAK news, how to donate, how to sign up to receive our newsletter etc.

But the site is much more than a visual makeover. We are excited to be able to offer a number of new sections and capabilities:

– a new online calendar with events across Canada, with the capability for organizations to add their own events, and for individuals to download events to their personal digital calendar

– a section with information about Latvian organizations in Canada, where organizations have the capability to add and edit their own information, as well as submit articles about their projects and events

– a directory of Canadian Latvian businesses, professionals and experts, also with the ability for individuals to add and edit their own information

– an expanded “resources” section with such information as internships in Latvia, business opportunities and remigration

– a new LNAK logo, and a visually appealing new website design

– a home page with a broad assortment of news, not just LNAK news, but with the goal of having something for everyone, offering news on a variety of topics, information from organizations, a small section for kids, video(s), and something entertaining for adults as well

We hope that the website will help Latvian Canadians find each other, network, be informed, and hopefully also attract new members to our community. So that we are easy to find, we are maintaining four url addresses:,, and , which all lead to the same site.

We cordially invite you to add your Latvian Canadian organization or your personal (or business) information to the website. To add your information, you must register with a user name and password, and then fill in an online form. Please be ready to include a graphic image, photo or logo with your submission.

We have held a number of Zoom meetings, to help our initial users add their information. This has also been a great help in working out any bugs. We are happy to hand-hold and help anyone who needs assistance in adding their information. If you would like to arrange a Zoom, please write to us at and we will be happy to set up a time for a virtual meeting.

We also welcome articles of general interest to Latvian Canadians, that are not associated with a specific organization. These can also be submitted by filling out an online form, in this case without a user name and password.

All submissions are reviewed before publication.

We also ask for your patience and understanding, as we are still tweaking the site. We are happy that the new website is live, we are excited about the potential, and we hope that the site will provide a valuable service to the Latvian Canadian community and to Latvia. Please share with your family and friends! And see you here at!