It’s time to register for ALA Educational Trips for Young People of Latvian Heritage (ages 13-15)

The organizer of the trips, the American Latvian Association (ALA), graciously welcomes participants from Canada.

The “Sveika, Latvija!” trip language will be Latvian. Participants must understand conversational Latvian and be able to express themselves in Latvian. All instructions, tours, excursions, and daily conversations with local Latvians (such as at restaurants and hotels) will be in Latvian. Participants will be expected to speak Latvian among themselves.

“Heritage Latvia” – this trip has less emphasis on Latvian language and is more suitable for participants that are not as comfortable understanding or speaking Latvian. Instructions and excursions will be in English. Tours will be in English so participants can fully understand the information. Participants will be encouraged to speak Latvian to their ability in daily interaction with local Latvians (restaurants and hotels). We ask that you seriously consider which tour would be most appropriate for your partipant. BOTH TRIPS ARE EQUAL AND EQUALLY MEANINGFUL! Information about the trips, dates and costs available:

Please contact the LNAK office at to receive more information about how Latvian Canadian teens can participate.

2024. 2024 Dates:

“Sveika, Latvija!” from June 9 to June 22
“Sveika, Latvija!” from August 11 to 22
“Heritage Latvia” from June 16 to June 27