“Draudzīgais aicinājums” Invitation to Donate to the LNFC Educational and Cultural Foundation

Dear friends!

The Latvian National Federation in Canada Educational and Cultural Foundation (LNFC ECF) invites you to join this year’s annual fundraising “Draudzīgais aicinājums” drive.

LNFC ECF has supported Latvian education and culture in Canada since 1982. However, in order to be able to continue our work, we need your support more than ever. The LNVC ECF provides scholarships to university students of Latvian descent, stipends to attend Latvian summer schools, supports Latvian schools in Canada, 2×2 and 3×3 camps, films, books, and other cultural projects. While Latvian schools in Canada continue their work, stundents continue to study in various universities, cultural events happen (i.e. the opera “Baņuta” in its modern film version), etc., unfortunately the scholarship fund created with the generous bequest left by Jānis and Aina Vītols in their will has now been exhausted. While we are able to continue our support for some cultural projects, without your donations we will not be able to provide scholarships to the extent that we have in the past.

You may donate

by clicking on our pagehttp://www.lnak.net/en/izglitibas-un-kulturas-fonds or fill out the form below and send it with your cheque to the LNFC office. All donations will receive a charitable donation receipt.

We also finvite you to follow the example of Jānis and Aina Vītols by considering a testamentary donation to the LNFC Educational and Cultural Foundation to ensure we can continue supporting our Latvian schools and students for years to come. They are the next generation of Canadian Latvians who will carry on our Latvian culture here in Canada.


Elizabete (Elita) Pētersone


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4 Credit Union Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4A 2N8

My donation is $50 $75 $100 vai _____ .

Please make your cheque out toLNFC Educational and Cultural Foundationand send it with this cut-off portion of the letter to the LNFC ECF office.

Please inform the office of your e-mail address and, if necessary, correct your name and address.

Thank you for your donation.