Top 10 Reasons to Vote in the European Parliamentary Elections

10. If you are a citizen of Latvia, you are a citizen of Europe.

9. 80% of Latvian laws are based on decisions of the European Union – the European Parliament influences Latvia.

8. Because this is your opportunity to have your say! EP elections are held only once every five years.

7. to elect the best MEPs to work for Latvia and Europe.

6. Because elected MEPs from Latvia shape Latvia’s image in Europe.

5. If the diaspora were to participate in the same numbers as in the Latvian parliamentary elections, it could radically change the results.

4. Your vote is worth almost twice as much as in the Latvian parliamentary elections.

3. To show support for Ukraine and to take votes away from pro-Putin parties

2. Every vote cast for a pro-European party reduces the chance of a pro-Russian party breaking the 5% barrier.


In-person voting take place on Saturday 8. June, from 8:00 to 20:00:

Canadian Latvian Centre Toronto, 4 Credit Union Drive, Toronto M4A 2N8

Embassy of Latvia in Canada, 350 Sparks St. #1200, Ottawa K1R 7S8