Kanādas Latviešu centrs Toronto
Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre
4 Credit Union Drive

Toronto Ontario M4A 2N8


Kanadas Latviešu centra Toronto (KLCT) devīze ir “Dzīva tauta dzīvā vidē”. Tā mērķis ir saglabāt latviešu kultūru un radīt vietu, kur latvieši var satikties latviskā vidē koncertos, dejās, skolās, semināros, teātros un citos sarīkojumos. Centrā arī notiek sarīkojumi vietējai publikai un dažādām organizācijām.

Our mission at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre is to provide an environment that will inspire and unite the Latvian community of all ages through culture, heritage, and the arts so that anyone who wishes can better learn about, and understand, Latvian culture. We strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our endeavors, building inclusive and accessible programs that reduce social isolation. We welcome all communities and cultures at the Latvian Centre. By enhancing our community spaces and developing innovative approaches that support our Mission, we help create stronger, resilient communities. We empower people to take deliberate action for the environment, transfer skills and knowledge to the next generation, and ensure that arts, culture, and heritage have appropriate spaces. Through focused programming and infrastructure, we connect more people with compelling cultural experiences, fostering engagement and preserving our rich cultural heritage.

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