Step by step: How to vote by mail

To get started, you need:

  • a computer with a USB port
  • your Latvian eID card
  • the PIN code that you received with your eID card
  • a Smart Card Reader
  • a printer to print your voting materials


Click on

These instructions were created following the Latvian version of the website. If you wish, you may click to switch to the English version. (Screenshots show the Latvian version). At the search bar, type “vēlētāju datu pārvaldība” and press “enter”. If you are using the English version, search for “voter data management”. (You may want to use the English version if you haven’t set up diacritics (garumzīmes) on your computer.)

Click on “Vēlētāju datu pārvaldību” (or “Voter Data Management”).

Click on “Pieprasīt pakalpojumu” (“Request service”)

Click on “Apstiprināt” (“Confirm”).

Put a tick next to “I agree…”

If you have used a Latvian online service (eSignature, SMART-ID or bank account) in the past, please click on it.

If you have NOT used Latvian online services before, click on “eID”.

Connect the Smart card reader to your computer, insert your eID card into to your computer and click “Start authentication”.

This screen will appear ONLY if you have not previously installed the eSignature software. Click on the appropriate “Download” for your system.

Follow the instructions to install the software. When asked if you agree to “enable the esignature browser plugin”, you must agree.

Once the software is installed, either wait for the system to take you back to this page or go back to this page:

You will now be able to successfully log in. Tick “I agree” again and click on “eParaksts” (“eSignature”).

The system will read your eID card and ask you to enter your PIN. Enter your PIN and press “enter”.

A message will appear saying “you are now logged out”. It’s okay, just wait.

Tick “iepazinos ar nosacījumiem” (“I accept the conditions”) and click “Continue”.

Click “Tālāk” (“Next”).

Note and write down your “Kārtas numurs” (probably “Voter Registration Number” in English; to be confirmed) You will need to write that number on the voting envelope.

Click on “Lejupielādēt datni” (“Download file”).

Take a look at your downloads: you will have these four files:

  • “Apliecinājums” – this will need to be filled in, printed, and signed
  • Instructions on filling out the outer postal envelope
  • A set of instructions re filling out and mailing in your ballot: print this document and follow the instructions carefully
  • Ballots: there are 16 sheets with ballots for all parties; You only need to print out one ballot, the ballot for the party you wish to vote for. You can only vote for one party. Please print your ballot in Portrait (not Landscape).

On your chosen ballot, you may:

  • put a “+” in the diamond next to the candidates you particularly support
  • cross out the names of candidates you do not wish to support
  • or leave the candidate’s name as is

Put the ballot in a small envelope (which will fit in a larger envelope) and seal it.

Fill in the “Apliecinājums” (Declaration) with your name, personal identification number and the date. (We recommend writing the date with the month spelled out so you don’t have to worry about the Latvian date format.) You can fill in the declaration, then print it out and sign it; or you can print it out first, then fill it in by hand and sign it. You can also rewrite the whole declaration by hand and sign it.

Take a larger envelope. Put in it:

  • the completed and signed declaration
  • the small sealed envelope containing your ballot

On the large envelope, write your return address (name and address), address the envelope to“Pasta balsošanas komisija, Smilšu iela 4, Rīga LV-1050 Latvia“, AND write your “Kārta Nr. vēlētāju sarakstā”“Voter Registration Number” on the envelope, i.e. your number on the electoral roll that you wrote down beforehand.

Check that you have put on enough stamps and send the envelope to Riga to get there by 6 am on June 9. For a regular envelope, a stamp from Canada to Latvia costs $2.92. The safest thing to do is to go to the post office and make sure you have enough stamps and that the letter will reach Riga on time.


You have performed your civic duty with honour!

(If you notice any errors in these instructions, or would like to suggest corrections or additions, please leave a comment or send an email to

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