The European Parliament elections will take place in Latvia on June 8 and, according to the European Parliament Election Law, voters living or staying abroad will be able to vote by post or at a polling station.

The World Federation of Free Latvians (PBLA) invites compatriots around the world to participate in these elections and to vote to support Latvia in its work in the European Union (EU) institutions in these geopolitically challenging times. The EU has tirelessly supported Ukraine in its defensive war against Russian aggression, both militarily and in the humanitarian sphere, and must continue to do so in order to bring peace to Europe. We in the diaspora must help elect politicians who will continue to advocate a course of European support for Ukraine and its path towards the European Union. The PBLA believes that in the current international situation, it is necessary to support representatives committed to the values of the European Union, and Latvia should not send politicians to Brussels whose loyalty to Latvia and the democratic principles of the West is questionable.

It is important for us, Latvians living abroad, to support these principles, as well as those parties and their representatives that would be able to oppose the aggressive propaganda messages of Russia and its President on the European and world stage. Latvians abroad, let’s vote and help ensure that we can be proud of our representatives of Latvia in Europe!

PBLA is ready to help Latvians around the world participate in these elections. Our three-point plan is:
– to offer diaspora voters timely information on the platforms of political parties and their candidates;
– to help disseminate information about the electoral and postal voting processes in the diaspora, ensure that the necessary documents are understood – a valid passport for in-person voting and an e-ID or Latvian internet banking connection for voting by mail;
– in cooperation with the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), and by sharing our own experience, to provide all possible support to established and approved polling stations outside Latvia.

We are pleased to announce that, along with the precincts that will be located in Latvian embassies and diplomatic missions around the world, the CEC has approved 12 precincts that have been established by the initiative of the diaspora and with the assistance of the PBLA and our member organisations ALA, ELA, LNAK, LAAJ and DAKLA in Latvian community centres abroad.

There are three districts in the USA – New York, Chicago and Los Angeles; two districts in the UK – Bradford andSwansea (Whales); two districts in Australia – Adelaide; one in Canada – Toronto; one in Norway – Bergen; and four districts in Germany – Münster, Freiburg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich. You can see the full list of the 12 polling stations set up by these diaspora activists with their exact addresses here:

PBLA will follow the latest news and continue to work with the CEC to be ready to support your participation in the European Parliament elections on June 8.

Pēteris Blumbergs, Mārīte Kļaviņa,
PBLA President and PBLA Vice-President