Join the LNAK Postcard Campaign

Our members of parliament must hear from us, their constituents, that we stand with Ukraine. To that end, LNAK has launched a postcard campaign (please see below). We are asking you to take a postcard and send it to your member of parliament. The message is very simple—thank the Government for their ongoing support of Ukraine and ask them to give Ukraine what it needs to win. Very few Canadians exercise their basic democratic right to make their opinions known to their MPs. Each and every email, letter, postcard, and phone call is counted in every MP’s office. They also know that for every item they receive, many others hold the same opinion.

Postcards are available from your LNAK representative or the LNAK office. You may also send your own personal message via email or Canada Post. Letters to the House of Commons do not require postage. Find your member of parliament on the House of Commons website. If you have questions or would like assistance, please email us.