Call to Action

We are writing to ask for your help. Today, Monday, July 10, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Latvia ahead of the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11 and 12, where leaders will meet to discuss how to best support Ukraine and defend NATO’s eastern frontier. This is a particularly dangerous time and it is important for the Government of Canada to hear that there is support for its stand on Ukraine, NATO, and the mission in Latvia. Some are saying it is one of the most important meetings in the Organization’s history.

Please take a few minutes to send your Member of Parliament a short note. [You can find your MP and their contact information on the Parliament of Canada website.] Your MPs are well aware that for every letter they receive, there are many more like-minded people who never write to them.

Here is a template letter that you can copy or use as a starting point for your own letter.

I am writing to thank the Government of Canada for its ongoing commitment to NATO, Latvia, and Ukraine and ask that the Government give Ukraine what it needs to successfully defend itself against Russia’s illegal invasion and win this war.

It is also crucial that the Government increase its military spending to 2% of GDP, which is the minimum required by NATO membership.

More action is also needed to upscale Canada’s presence in Latvia to that of a brigade—a commitment that was made last year in Madrid. The NATO presence in Latvia must be strong enough to deter any Russian aggression.

It is vital that Canada continues to maintain its strong support of Ukraine going forward. The future of the rules-based international order and democracy depends on stopping Russia.

Please consider adding a personal note, such as the following:

As a child of Latvian refugees who found refuge in Canada after fleeing the Soviet invasion in 1944, we particularly appreciate Canada’s Armed Forces for their steadfast commitment and support.

Russia’s current aggression mirrors its actions in Latvia in horrifying ways and is heartbreaking to witness. It was a crime then and it is a crime now. Please do your utmost to stop them.

[Your Name]
[Your Address―you are likelier to receive a response if they know you are a constituent.]

Please cc us at and let us know how your MP responds. 

To learn more about Canada and NATO, visit the NATO Association of Canada website.