Pete & Anna Music

Pete & Anna Music

Pete Ewins and Anna Broks both began their musical inclinations separately, early in life, but across the Atlantic Ocean.

Pete was born and raised in Scotland where he was interested in music at an early age.

Anna was born in Canada and raised by her Latvian parents. She started performing at the age of six with a children’s quartet, “Ausma,” led by pianist Pēteris Zariņš. She later studied music with cellist Juris Keniņš. Her formal education included courses at the Royal Conservatory of Music and the University of Windsor, where she applied her love of singing and storytelling to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting degree.

Pete and Anna met musically while performing with several Toronto bands. Since 2021, this musical duo has offered diverse performances of contemporary eclectic music, including original compositions, to adults and children across Ontario. They feature Pete’s multi-instrumentalist talent and Anna’s theatre experience.

Pete and Anna, often accompanied by cellist Juris Keniņš, have provided engaging performances to the GTHA Latvian community at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre, Kristus Dārzs Home, and the Sidrabene Retreat Centre. As a trio, Pete, Anna, and Juris put their own spin on a variety of Latvian music ranging from traditional folk songs to contemporary pop hits.

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