Education and Cultural Foundation

The Latvian National Federation in Canada (LNFC) Educational and Cultural Foundation (ECF) was registered in Ontario in 1982 as a non-for-profit charitable organization. Money for the foundation comes from individual donations, testaments and all donors receive a charitable donation receipt.  The foundation supports Latvian educational and cultural activities here in Canada.

The Foundation is managed by its board of directors. The board of directors is elected at each annual meeting to hold office until the next annual meeting.

If you wish to become a member of the Foundation and are at least 18 years of age, you must fill out an application form found on this web site and then submit it to the board for approval to

Here are some examples of what the Foundation has supported in the last few years in the amount of $668,865:

  • Latvian Song and Dance Festival in Canada,
  • Films about Latvija,
  • CD Canadian Amber,
  • Latvian schools in Canada,
  • seminars for teachers of Latvian schools,
  • scholarships for Lastvian studens,
  • books:
    Latvian Pioneers, Socialists and Refugees in Manitoba;
    The Latvians of Matheson Ontario;
    Latvian-Canadian Artists and Artisans;
    Latvian-Canadian Art, Music, Letters,
    Pēdejā rudens lapa,
  • 2x2 un 3x3 camps

Donations can be sent to the LNAK IKF office:

4 Credit Union Dr. Toronto, ON
M4A 2N8, Canada


click onDonate to the Education and Cultural Foundation” 


Being a member of LNFC I wish to support the aims and work of the LNFC Educational and Cultural Foundation.  Please accept my request to become a member of the foundation. Please fill the attached form.