About LNAK

LNAK is the umbrella organization representing Latvian Canadians and is recognized by all three levels of government. LNAK's mission is to promote Latvian culture, language, and history; support Latvian community organizations; advocate for Latvian interests, and facilitate connections between Latvians everywhere.

The Latvian National Federation in Canada was founded in 1949 as a collaborative effort between Latvian refugees who fled Latvia prior to the second Soviet invasion of 1944 and Latvians who had immigrated prior to World War II. The Federation united twelve Latvian associations across Canada in their mission to advocate for Latvia and Latvians and provide aid. In these early years, many of these new immigrants donated one hour's wages every month to support the organization.

Konrāds Dobelis and Mariss Vētra were instrumental in the founding of the new organization. Dobelis was a pre-war immigrant from Latvia who had settled in Edmonton while Vētra was a renowned opera singer who came to Canada to lead the opera class at the Halifax Conservatory. Halifax was the port of arrival for most post-war refugees. In addition to his duties at the Conservatory, Vētra also founded a Latvian aid organization and worked tirelessly to support Latvians in need.

LNAK is a member of the World Federation of Free Latvians, the Baltic Federation in Canada, and the Central and East European Council of Canada. LNAK also collaborates with the Embassy of Latvia in Canada. 

LNAK is incorporated federally as a not-for-profit corporation. 

Please direct correspondence to lnak@lnak.org.